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          X0 Micro Mill
          X0 Micro Mill
          • Features
          • Specifications
          • Review
          ?Solidly made and with cast iron base
          ?Stable and free from vibration
          ?Two speed ranges with full electronic control
          ?Digital read-out of quill travel with zeroing facility
          ?Accurate, compact machine for drilling up to 6mm diameter
          ?Pillar drill for the model engineer & electronics enthusiast

          Drilling capacity

          6 mm

          End milling capacity

          6 mm

          Headstock travel (Z)

          200 mm

          Spindle taper

          B10 or JT1

          Motor output power

          150 W

          Spindle speed (Variable speed) High

          100 - 5000 ±10% rpm


          100 - 3600 ±10% rpm

          Overall dimension (LxWxH)

          190x280x440 mm

          Weight (Net/Gross)

          14/17 kg

          Packing size (LxWxH)

          520x410x260 mm

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