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          M1 Micro Multi-Purpose Machine
          M1 Micro Multi-Purpose Machine
          • Features
          • Specifications
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          ? Multi-purpose machine
          ? Used for milling, drilling and cutting
          ? With a C1 lathe and X1 mill attachment
          ? Small in size and delicate in design

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          Swing over bed

          140 mm

          Distance between centers

          250 mm

          Hole through spindle

          10 mm

          Spindle taper


          Tailstock taper


          Spindle speed

          100~2000± 10% rpm

          Cross slide travel

          50 mm

          Motor output power

          150 W

          Range of threads Metric version

          0.5~1.25mm (5 thread pitches)

          Imperial version

          16-24 TPI (5 thread pitches)

          Drilling &milling


          10 mm

          Spindle taper


          Motor output power

          150 w

          Spindle speed Low range

          100-1000 ±10% rpm

          High range

          100-2000 ±10%rpm

          Overall dimension (LxWxH)

          620x330x570 mm

          Packing size (LxWxH)

          700x430x620 mm

          weight (Net/Gross)

          45/51 kg

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